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Case Study: City of Burnaby

Posted by | April 11, 2018 | Case Studies | No Comments

In 2017, the City of Burnaby reduced its energy usage more than any other city in British Columbia. The city has a progressive and strategic energy management plan and their ongoing energy conservation efforts are a large part of it. Burnaby continues to explore and implement green initiatives, which include the conversion of all pedestrian pathways and public park lighting to LED!

As you can imagine, changing to LED lighting is something we can get on board with. LED lights use approximately 90% less electricity than similar incandescent light products. This can also be demonstrated through a heat-loss comparison of the bulbs. Incandescent lights can get HOT, while an LED product of the same colour temperature is practically cool in comparison. This not only makes LED lights safer to use in foliage/on wooden buildings – less energy waste means it’s easier on the wallet too! And we must not forget that they last WAY longer, meaning that replacement costs are lower and less garbage ends up in our landfills (most people don’t know that you can RECYCLE Christmas lights – see below for more info*).


Our relationship with the City of Burnaby grows every year. From various public historical sites such as the Burnaby Village Museum, to pedestrian overpasses and street blocks, to libraries, our lights can be found sprinkled around town. We are so proud to work with the City and to support them while they firmly secure their spot on the frontline of energy conservation. At Burnaby City Hall alone, we have hung snowflake pole mounts, wrapped the trunks and branches of many trees on the premises in 5mm “Mini Lights”, wrapped the canopies of various large evergreens with our “Super Bright Globe Lights”, and hung star shaped ornaments and dangling 5mm “Mini Lights” from the pedestrian overpass. Seeing as ALL products we work with are LED, the City of Burnaby can sparkle with decorative lighting while still achieving their green goals.

*PRO TIP* Christmas lights can be recycled. We are more than happy to take your old, broken or unwanted Christmas Lights with us when we do your light removal and recycle them for you! Check out our Blog post from 2015 to find out what we do with them: