About us

Big Enough to Serve, Small Enough to Care

FestiLight began as “Lights Up Vancouver” with nothing more than a crazy idea, a borrowed set of ladders, and an old car. It turned out that people really liked our work and referred new clients (a lot more!). With a 90% rate of returning clients plus new ones, we’ve grown quickly to become the premier holiday light design and installation company.

In 2011, Lights Up Vancouver incorporated and changed its name to FestiLight. With a growing list of residential and commercial clients, FestiLight began stocking a wide variety of quality products in large quantities while still delivering the same exceptional service.

With demand pouring in from other cities, FestiLight began offering franchises in 2013. An unparalleled training and support program for our partners ensure each and every customer, no matter the location, receives the same outstanding customer service they’ve come to know and love from us.

Our Team

The team at FestiLight offers in-depth knowledge of light design and utilizes professional installation techniques learned from countless hours of hanging lights. Like out clients, they get excited by the look of an elegant, magical display. Their attention to detail, speed, and quality workmanship combined with the utmost regard for the care of customer property is seen in every project we touch. We take pride in our work, and our clients do too.


Below is a list of the most commonly asked questions we receive. If your answer is not here, please contact us. We’ll respond in a timely manner.

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What do you charge?

Each job site is unique, which is why we either like to see photos of the areas to light before giving an estimate, or book a consultation before giving a quote. Prices usually start at $300. Some of the variables we consider are: How long will it take? The height, pitch, and material on the roof if we need to climb on it? Is a lift required? Height and density of trees? Are the trees well kept? (it’s quicker to install/remove lights in well pruned trees) Density of lights requested? Do you want lights wrapped around the branches, or spaced throughout? (branch wrap often looks much better, but is more time consuming and uses more lights)

Do you sell or hang incandescent lights?

No. Our business is committed to reducing the amount of lights that end up in our landfills as well as reducing energy consumption. LED lights are 90% more efficient and last over 50,000 hours, therefore, they are not only the smartest choice, but also the most cost effective. Our LED lights look just as good as incandescent lights. If you have strings that are in good condition with C9 incandescent bulbs, we’d be happy to use the same string and replace your bulbs with LED ones.

Will you install my used lights?

Yes. However, they must be commercial grade lights. That means no store bought lighting. As we cannot guarantee the quality or condition of lights purchased from other manufacturers.

Are you insured?

Yes. Have peace of mind knowing that FestiLight staff are WCB insured. We also possess $5 million general liability coverage throughout the season.

Can I leave my lights on throughout the year?

We don’t recommend this because the lights are designed for seasonal use only. If left up for more than 3 months, environmental conditions such as UV radiation from the sun will cause the lights to fade, strands to become brittle, and connections to corrode. While the choice is up to you, we will not guarantee the workmanship or warranty the lights if they stay up longer than 3 months in one season.

Will you store my lights through the rest of the year?

Yes! We’ll map and label your lights, then place them in protective containers. We’ll even offer to store them for you through the summer months at no extra charge! When you are ready for us to install them again, just give us a call and we’ll hang them so they look as great as they did the first year.

Do you rent lights?

We only rent lights for weddings, parties, and short-term usage. We do not rent lights for the holiday season. You may, however, purchase lights from us, which are about the same price as what you find in the retail stores, but much better quality.

Do you have references?

We will gladly give you references, which are available upon request. We’ll even give you the addresses of nearby projects for you to look at. We want you to be 100% confident when hiring FestiLight. Also read our testimonials.

The FestiLight Difference

FestiLight makes installing lights easy from first contact to the final removal. We ensure all our clients are satisfied, and won’t stop until they are.


Light Installation in Vancouver

Exclusive Products

We use attractive shades that are bright, yet easy to look at. Our bulbs are 90% more efficient, can last over 50,000 hours, and create breathtaking results.


Festilight ceiling light design


Check out some of the projects we have completed and examples of what we can be done with our unique, professional design and installation techniques.