Give shoppers another reason to park in your lot and walk through your doors by proudly showing off your holiday light display. Clean, professional, and elegant designs by FestiLight are targeted to your market whether it’s kids or adults. We also have products suitable for year-round use.

We understand storage space is limited on most commercial properties so FestiLight will take care of storing your lights when they are down at no additional cost

Parking Lots

Turn an otherwise cold, dark parking lot into a warm, inviting one that will draw in drivers and make their shopping experiences more pleasant.

Store Fronts

Attract customers to your windows and through your doors with a captivating display that tastefully stands out and showcases your products.

Merchant Associations

Light up your entire street with a display that makes outdoor shopping a delightful experience.

Hotels & Restaurants

Provide a relaxed and comfortable atmosphere in an otherwise hectic season. FestiLight’s design team can install lights on the street, foyer, or dinning room.

No matter what your commercial activity is, FestiLight will have a solution for your lighting needs. Our talented staff will design an attractive display, yet give you the flexibility to change or add to it each year. We’re committed to quality workmanship and exceeding your expectations.


The FestiLight Difference

FestiLight makes installing lights easy from first contact to the final removal. We ensure all our clients are satisfied, and won’t stop until they are.


Light Installation in Vancouver

Exclusive Products

We use attractive shades that are bright, yet easy to look at. Our bulbs are 90% more efficient, can last over 50,000 hours, and create breathtaking results.


Festilight ceiling light design


Check out some of the projects we have completed and examples of what we can be done with our unique, professional design and installation techniques.