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Christmas Lights for a Colourful Holiday

Christmas Lights for Holiday

Lighted Ornaments in Trees

Don’t Let Christmas Lights Become Your “Bah Humbug”!

Many people become nervous when they begin to think about installing their outdoor Christmas lights. It’s a task that is often left as late as possible. To make matters worse, once they’ve finally risked their life on the edge of a roof or the top of a ladder, people aren’t always fully satisfied with their work.

Don’t worry, the team at FesiLight is here to tell you it doesn’t have to be a chore nor a risky venture. Here is some expert advice from professional installers that will not only make your display look professional, but will allow you to do it more safely.

Using a lot of light strands can quickly become expensive and lighting more trees or rooflines doesn’t necessarily result in a nicer display. Consider the following tips when designing your display:

  • Find prominent and unique features on your property to light such as gables or beautiful trees and focus your efforts on these. If there’s a tree that is full and widely visible, load it with lights. Lighting one tree well is often more effective than sparsely lighting several trees.
  • C9 or G30 bulbs (or large bubs) look great on rooflines and give a more traditional look. These could be used on large evergreen trees too.
  • Mini-lights or 5mm bulbs work best in small to medium size trees and have the advantage of being able to pull through branches easier without causing damage. They also emit a sharper light and look nice in small trees or shrubs where admirers will view them more closely. The 5mm bulbs are the easiest to work with tend to look the best too.
  • For a more elegant look, choose warm-white colored bulbs. Test them in the store first, especially if trying to match an older strand because shades of white vary between manufacturers.
  • Use non-invasive clips along shingles or gutters to avoid nails or staples in your home. Clips used with C9 or G30 bulbs will ensure your lights all point in the same direction providing a more professional look.
  • If you decide to staple your lights, use a wire-tacker instead of a standard stapler. Normal staples will cut the protective coating if you’re not careful possibly damaging the wires. Staple the wire within about 1″ from each side of the bulb.
  • When hanging lights, try not to hang them pointing upward. Water may get in and damage the bulbs. Point them outward or down instead.
  • Hang lights a few feet around the sides of the building when doing rooflines. This gives a much cleaner look.

Professionally Installed Christmas lights

FestiLight – Your Source for Beautiful Lights and The Best Advice

FestiLight uses commercial grade lights that have coaxial, water-tight connections at each end. Unfortunately, they are currently not available in common stores. They have the advantage of holding better and sealing water out of the plugs enabling them to last several times longer.

The cost of lights from FestiLight are often about the same, if not less, per linear foot when buying them from a big box store. However, our lights are MUCH better quality. The reviews from big box store lights are dismal so we don’t recommend buying lights from there at all.

Once you’ve purchased lights from us the first year, we’ll even warranty them for up to two seasons. So rest assure you won’t be having to make multiple trips to the long line up in front of the return counter.

What Can I Expect To Pay For Professionally Installed Christmas lights?

Expect product to cost about $750 for a tasteful job on a typical size home and of course you will own this product. Labour on that could be an additional $500 – $750 and this would be the cost in subsequent years as well if you keep with the same design (which you don’t have to!)

When it comes time to taking the lights down again, we’ll map and label all the strings so we know exactly where they were placed. We’ll also provide free storage bins and carefully store them on your behalf at no extra charge. Then next year, we’ll come back and put up the same display….easy!

Stay Safe And Don’t Take Any Unnecessary Risks Putting Up Your Christmas Lights

If you do decide to put up your own Christmas lights, remember this: they are just lights and not worth the risk. You should think about this every time you consider a risky move on your roof, ladder or tree. It’s not the lights that make Christmas special — you do.

There are many ways to reduce the chance of a fall such as using ladder stand-off arms for increased stability, and ladder levelers when working on uneven ground. You may even be able to avoid ladders entirely by using a quality painting pole instead. Attach a strong wire or coat hook to the end, and guide the strands over the branches of tall trees.

The most effective method to improve safety, however, is to simply not take unnecessary risks. The holidays is about being with family, not making your house stand out the most on the block. If you feel uncomfortable, either choose to light something else instead or call FestiLight. We can do it faster, safer, and the job will probably look better too.

Happy holidays!