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FestiLight 2016 Outdoor Lighting has Arrived!

Posted by | September 26, 2016 | News | No Comments

At the beginning of September, our 2016 shipment arrived on Canadian Soil. Never have we seen so many lights! We are now fully stocked to fill all of your outdoor lighting needs for this coming winter.

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Outdoor Christmas lights

The Old Favourites and Some Exciting New Lighting Options

We have all the popular products we have been carrying for years, but we also have several NEW and updated products. For example, our G30 “super bright globe light” bulbs, which we suggest using on rooflines and in larger trees, are now 20% brighter than they were before. They are the perfect outdoor Christmas lights, with a smooth, round casing that acts as a magnifying glass, as opposed to the classic “strawberry” shaped C9 bulbs. 

As far as outdoor LED lighting goes, “super bright globe lights” are the cream of the crop. They are not shaped like old-school Christmas lights; however, they give off the same kind of glow as classic incandescent lights. This adds a huge advantage because these lights can therefore be used at any time of the year without looking like Christmas is happening in July, while still looking Christmas-y enough that they are perfect for December!

We have used these lights for multiple large-scale projects, including a large tree in the Ladysmith Festival of lights within which we installed 3500 lights (we’re pretty sure you’d be able to see it from space!).

 Try Our Unique Flatwire Outdoor Christmas Lights and Magnetic Clips

While “super bright globe lights” are great, the classic C9 “strawberry” shaped bulbs are perfect for that timeless Christmas look. Both bulbs sit in sockets that are mounted on flat wire, which allows us to lay them along a roofline in a quick and easy fashion. The majority of lights of this size that you can purchase from the store still come on twisted wire, which is nothing short of a hassle when trying to lay them flat along a roofline! An added benefit is that we can custom fit these lights strings to each project we work on, whether it is a house, business, or a giant tree! This way, we don’t have to deal with any extra wire, and the lights will be ready to go in their exact location the next year.

To make outdoor lighting even easier, we offer magnetic clips to attach to our sockets, making it exceptionally easy to place these lights along most rooflines. We have upgraded our magnets this year and are now using rare earth magnets that are the perfect combination of strength and efficiency. These magnets are basically the next best thing to Martha May’s Christmas light gun in “The Grinch Stole Christmas”!

Take Advantage of Our Unique Lighting Products and Unmatched Expertise.

We have the lights, the expertise, and the creative spirit to make your lighting project special every time We are filled with outdoor lighting ideas and specialize in turning your property into a winter wonderland in a unique way. With our “super bright globe lights”, you can choose from 8 different colors to create the perfect combination for you.

Our goal is to work with you to develop an outdoor lighting design that you and your neighbors and/or clients will love. Give us a call at 1-855-733-7845 and let us light up your event, storefront or home.