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Light Installation in Victoria

Posted by | August 24, 2016 | Victoria Christmas Lights | No Comments

Victoria BC – Canada’s City of Lights

Victoria BC is known for its beautiful old buildings, its picturesque harbour, and the beautiful flowers that surround it. The historic capital is filled with memorable buildings, streets and venues. There are many well-recognized landmarks, and visitors often take home happy pictures of buildings such as the  Provincial Legislature with its spectacularly lit domes, the world famous Empress Hotel, and cosy waterfront.

At night, the harbour and its surrounding area are filled with lights, giving it a vibrant and warm atmosphere, but not everywhere is quite so well lit. There are still areas that can appear uninviting at night due to the contrast between the high density of lights in certain places and lack thereof in others.

Lights Installation In Victoria

Harbour Air terminal


Lighting up Victoria’s downtown

Light Installation in Victoria

Light Installation in Victoria

FestiLight has had the pleasure of being involved in the efforts to brighten up a number of spots in the downtown core by working with local businesses as well as the Downtown Victoria Business Association. 

In the spring, we decorated the brand new Harbour Air terminal, as well as the Flying Otter Grill. The new terminal arrived by barge in February is shaped like a wave and has a beautiful rooftop garden. This particular project is ongoing, as we are able to switch out the bulbs and replace them with other colours for various holidays (oh the joy of using replaceable bulbs to adorn your house or business!).

To accomplish a year round look and feel we used our G30 bulbs for this project, which are round as opposed to the standard strawberry shaped C9 bulbs. They are brighter, have a more multi-directional light, and stay clean longer. They also do not look like classic “Christmas lights”, so they are perfect for those who would like lights year round!

Canada’s oldest Chinatown seen in a better light 

We recently completed Dragon Alley in Chinatown as well thus bringing inviting levels of light to the entranceway of one of Victoria’s best-kept secrets. These lights complement a previous FestiLight job in Fan Tan Alley just across the street, in addition to the coloured “Edison” bulbs and lanterns above the road.

All in all a nice rounding out of the decorative lighting of Canada’s oldest Chinatown. We look forward to future involvement in the bringing of light to Victoria — keep your eyes out, there’s lots more in store! 

Are you looking to make your venue, commercial business or even your home walkway safer and more inviting to guests and customers? Please give us a call. We are the “friendly” lighting experts and can help you with your lighting needs be it for a special event or permanent installation.