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The Empress is sure to impress you with its Christmas light display

It’s hard to capture the magic that currently exists at the Empress Hotel in a set of photographs — the lights don’t twinkle, the strings don’t move in the gentle breeze, and the “Oos” and “Ahs” of passersby are silenced… but we still had to at least attempt to fit the magic in the frame to share with you, as well as a few stories about the project.

The Fairmont Empress was purchased by Bosa Properties last year, and the changes are already abound. Our installation this year was great fun, because although the lights were purchased in 2014, the landscaping on the property is much different now than it was then, and there are major renovations happening on both the interior and exterior of the building. Of course there are many features that remain the same, but with no skating rink this year, and different trees/bushes, we had the opportunity to re-design much of the project. The hotel is also taking a break from the traditional “Festival of Trees” this year to focus on said renovations, so we partnered with Greenscape Design & Decor to complete the interior decorations as well. Features include a “Christmas town” in the retail hall, and a Christmas tree in the tea room that is decorated with vintage china teacups.

After an extensive installation both inside and out, the lights were finally all turned on this weekend. If you live on the island, or are going to be visiting over the next month, do wander by to take a peek — the old English style of the hotel paired with classic warm white light, lots of pine, and many golds and silvers has resulted is the epitome of a classic Christmas feeling.