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Stand-off arms to the rescue!

Ever see painters or other light installers lean ladders against gutters or directly on homes without any sort of padding?  The thought of the potential damage and safety risk makes us cringe- especially because it takes less than a minute to prevent that from happening!

At FestiLight, we use stand-off arms wrapped in foam padding on our ladders.  Stand-off arms help stabilize the ladder, making it safer for the installer.   When foam is added, they also prevent denting or scratching your home.  It’s quick and easy to do.
What you’ll need:

1) Stand-off arms (available at most hardware stores)
2)  Pipe insulation foam
3) Cable ties


1) Cut the pipe cover to fit over each of the stand-off arms.

2) Cover the outside of the stand-off arms with the foam


3) If applicable, remove the strips inside so that the adhesive sticks to the stand-off arm. Use a cable tie on each end to secure the foam.


That’s it!


To use for access to the roof, place the stand-off arms in at least the 2nd and 3rd (or the 3rd and 4th) ladder rungs.  The arms will keep the ladder off the eavestrough.


To lean against a wall, you can move the arms to the 1st and 2nd rungs.  Using rubber bumpers on the end of the ladder will also work in this case.