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How to custom-size extension cord

One of the reasons professionally installed lights look cleaner is generally because lights and extension cords are cut to size.  That way there’s no excess wire exposed.  Custom-cut lines means you’re only using what you need, and the results are a tidier, nicer looking job.

Here’s how to make your own custom sized extension cord.

What you’ll need:
1) Wire cutters
2) Male and Female plug ends with slider caps
3) SPT-2, 18-Guage wire

What to do:

1) Cut the wire to your desired size.

2) Using the wire cutters, split the end of the wire by 1/4″ down the middle seam. Do not cut the outer wire coating.  This helps prevent the copper wire from accidentally crossing.


3) With one hand holding the wire, use the other hand to pull the outer coating towards the end of the wire.  Before there was copper exposed.  After pulling the wire, the copper should no longer be visible.

4) Place the wire end inside the plug.  The ribbed side of the SPT2 wire should be on the right.  Insert into the compartment where the side of the plug does not have an opening at the top.


5) Gently bend the wire over the teeth in the plug and slide the cap on.


If it doesn’t go on, you might be sliding it on backwards.  On one side there is nothing in the middle, on the backside there is a stopper.  This is the backside of the slider cap:


6) Repeat steps 1-5 with the other end.  Do not plug it into anything until both plug ends are on. If you find that you’re not getting power to your device, unplug from the power source. Then take the sliders off and check to see if you accidentally bent one of the teeth in the plugs.  Use pliers to bend it back to the upright position.


And there you go – your very own, custom-made extension cord!