The FestiLight Difference

We don’t just light up trees or buildings, we light up people’s faces! Our mission is to create captivating light displays that will enhance your property and illuminate the senses of your family or customers. We’ll make your holiday or occasion brighter, easier, and safer while delivering outstanding service, quality products, and superior workmanship. We’re proud of our work, and so will you be.

Here’s how we’ll do it:

Amazing service

  • We make it easy from first contact to final removal. We’ll even store the lights for you after the season so all you have to do it let us know when you want them back up again.
  • Our teams are always respectful of your home and garden too. We use non-invasive clips and ensure your property looks as good as it did before we hung lights on them.
  • Finally, we pride ourselves in our attention to detail. For example, do you have white trim on your home? We’ll use white wire to match it so your lights are less noticeable during the day. We’ll make sure your bulbs are straight and custom cut your strings so they fit your rooflines or windows perfectly.

Professional Design

  • We’ll make your home or business look extra special. Our design recommendations come from years of experience and hundreds of homes.
  • We carry products designed for every application from elegant year-round installations to weekend weddings and events.
  • We’re full of both traditional and unique ideas that set the mood perfectly and showcase your spirit.

Superior Quality

  • Tired of buying new lights every year? Our products are designed to withstand cold, wet, Canadian winters. We’ve made modifications that ensure water does not get inside bulbs or connectors.
  • Our LED holiday lights are the brightest in the market with special lenses that give the illusion of incandescent lights while benefiting from the durability and efficiency of LED.

Fair Price

We believe at FestiLight that if we give honest advice, deliver an honest service, and provide a good product at a fair price, we’ll have return clients who will in turn refer our new clients. We appreciate your business and will earn to keep it.


Our Process

FestiLight makes installing lights easy from first contact to the final removal. We ensure all our clients are satisfied, and won’t stop until they are.


Light Installation in Vancouver

Exclusive Products

We use attractive shades that are bright, yet easy to look at. Our bulbs are 90% more efficient, can last over 50,000 hours, and create breathtaking results.


Festilight ceiling light design


Check out some of the projects we have completed and examples of what we can be done with our unique, professional design and installation techniques.