Our Lights

Unique and Attractive Led Lights

FestiLight prides itself with using the latest and pleasantly attractive products. Almost all of them are unavailable in stores, so there’s a good chance you’ll be the only one on the block to have them!

Lighted Ornaments

Captivate passers by with a unique display of lighted ornaments in various shapes, sizes, and colours. A creative and cost-effective way for decorating large trees.

Snowfall Lights

Add something dynamic, yet elegant and make every night a snowy night. Our snowfall lights are specially designed to work without bulky and expensive adapters.

Wide-Angle Lights

This LED product is bright and looks just like incandescent lights…even the white ones! They are perfect for trees and shrubs giving some sparkle to your display.

Super-Bright Rooflines

Our roofline lights have 5 LED’s inside and are magnified with a special lens. This makes them 5x brighter than traditional LED lights and less noticeable during the day.


Products designed to withstand cold, wet Canadian winters

We’ve taken steps to redesign products so they’ll last for years. These are NOT your big-box-store lights. For example, our string lights sets use special coaxial plugs with rubber seals that keep water out and prevent corrosion. They also won’t pull part in trees. In addition, our products use one-piece moulded construction that ensures they won’t fill with water.


Lights that fit just right

All our roofline products and extension cords are custom cut to fit your home perfectly. No more hiding excess bulbs or wire, or stretching strings that are too short! We’ll ensure your home or business has that clean and professional look you’ve always wanted.


Look at the LIGHTS, not the wires!

We use wire colours that closely match your building’s exterior. This way, your display is discreet during the day and attractive at night.


Clips that hold, but don’t damage

Now available are magnetic clips that attach to many building surfaces. These high-powered magnets keep bulbs perfectly straight, won’t damage surfaces, and make installations and removals a breeze. They are also available in white or black to match your building’s surface.


Creative pole-mounts or lawn ornaments

FestiLight’s new in-house welding shop can manufacture just about any pole-mount or lawn ornament you can think of. So get those creative juices flowing and lets make something that no one has ever seen before!

Why LED?

LED technology was a breakthrough in the lighting industry, especially for consumers of Christmas lights. LED, or Light Emitting Diodes, have been around for almost fifty years, most commonly found in the standby lights for household appliances. In recent years, manufacturing techniques have been developed to make this technology more applicable and affordable to consumers’ everyday lighting needs.

LED uses approximately 90% less electricity than a similar incandescent light product. Compare the two types of lights by turning them on and touching them (be careful!) The LED light will remain cool whereas the incandescent light gets very hot. This heat is where the majority of the incandescent light’s energy is spent. Not only is this a fire hazard, but it’s a waste of energy. LED bulbs convert almost all its energy into light, thus require less electricity to emit the same amount of light as an incandescent bulb.

In addition to savings in electricity, an average LED can last for over 50,000 hours. This increased lifespan means less lighting products will be placed in our landfills.

When comparing ease of installation between LED and incandescent lights, LED wins hands down. LEDs require no filaments to operate, so there is no glass or filament to break. This makes the product more durable and will hold up much better during installation and removal.

Finally, the days of broken glass and burnt out bulbs are over!


The FestiLight Difference

FestiLight makes installing led lights easy from first contact to the final removal. We ensure all our clients are satisfied, and won’t stop until they are.



Our Process

We use attractive shades that are bright, yet easy to look at. Our bulbs are 90% more efficient, can last over 50,000 hours, and create breathtaking results.



Check out some of the projects we have completed and examples of what we can be done with our unique, professional design and installation techniques.